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Graphic Design Made Simple.
Part One|Create & Captivate
Graphic Designs is technically defined as “the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.” We define Graphic Designs as a visual and creative process in which we capture the essence of a business’ vision. Graphic Designs is focused on creating a concept that triggers a reaction whether that be emotionally, physiologically even physically. The most common misconception is that there are no mistakes when it comes to design, that’s why we recently released a “Quick Tip” on five of the most common design mistakes. The first mistake we wanted to relay is choosing the wrong font, in your design when using text, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that the font we choose is directly linked to how we want our market to feel when they look at the concept.

Turning Your Blog Into Profit
Part Two |Create & Captivate
Starting up blog is a great way to improve not only your business’ reach but expand brand awareness, by creating content tailored to your unique market audience and although a Blog can increase business by 400%, there are a few factors that can become obstacles in your mission to turn content into profit.
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