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Turning Your Blog Into Profit

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Starting up blog is a great way to improve not only your business’ reach but expand brand awareness, by creating content tailored to your unique market audience and although a Blog can increase business by 400%, there are a few factors that can become obstacles in your mission to turn content into profit.
We recently posted a quick tip on 5 common blogging mistakes, if you missed it here’s the scoop:
1.       Not capturing leads on your blog.
2.       Not consistently writing.
3.       Thinking each blog will go viral.
4.       Not having a clear writing style.
5.       Not writing long-form content.
In this blog update we will be discussing how you can improve your blog, to start turning a profit.
Creating a blog, starts with creating specific content that is connected to a unique purpose. This allows your blog to target your desired audience, for example our content is based around online and digital solutions such as content creation, software, technology, marketing and online business strategies as well as branding and business development. This allows us to reach unique viewers such as yourself that are with-in our field, creating a networking system, which of course would thus be the purpose of our blog. So, how do you establish your content’s purpose?
Ask yourself why you’re writing this content piece?
-          Is it because you would like to: Generate more sales? -  Build brand awareness? - Network? Etc… This will help you define the purpose of your blog.
After you have define your purpose for the content piece, you can now begin with the planning of your lay-out although this might seem like a minor factor, this can determine the success of your blog.
The lay-out of your blog should be created in-line with the purpose of the blog, by this we mean writing relative content:
If you are looking to generate more sales or build brand awareness your content pieces should represent it, by combing relative information (your content idea) with interactive portals or connective links such as portfolios, contact information, price-lists, reviews or promotions Etc…  A simple “Did you know?” never hurts, but overwhelming pop-up ads do. Turning your blog into an interactive piece can positively affect your growth, if on the other hand your purpose is to network, simply leaving your links and a subscribe option is a great way to boost your blog and start converting into an online networking system.
At this point you have your content, you have your purpose (aka goal) and you have an idea on which systems you can put into place whilst writing, next we at a look at three factors that will determine  how effective your blog will be with your audience.
Once you have selected your content, it is important to remember that engagement is a continuing cycle. Your audience is searching for specific information, in specific fields, your work as a blogger is to support this process, by consistently writing in a clear writing style that is still relatable to your field.
This means that in order to achieve success in your blogging venture, you must adapt a consist tone and reading format for example: If you start in a relaxed writing style (eg: bullet point information, journaling Etc…) as this is what best relates to your audience then you must continue to write in the same style.
If you start writing your content in a more structured format (eg: case-studies, statistical analysis Etc…) as this is what best relates to your audience then you must continue to write in the same style, however as stated this comes down to establishing the right content for your blog and its purpose.
In order for your blog to gain momentum there must be content that is both informative and engaging, writing short article generally is not an effective strategy when it comes to converting your blog for its purpose, your audience needs more than just the basics, they want to know but they still want to have fun. Take your audience on a journey, let them relate to your brand and your experiences, tell your story whilst supplying informative information. This not only gives your blog a personality but also allows your content to expand to a larger yet still relative format and context.
- PRO TIP: Try to write content pieces that are at least 1000 words.  
If you are struggling to find inspiration on how to being or what topics to approach, here are find things you could try to keep not only the creative juices flowing, but also source the right content idea’s.
1. Research blogs in the same field, look at which content was the most engaged with by their audience. The can give you a better idea of what your audience is looking for.
2. Ask yourself what you would have liked to know before you started out. Questions like these can provide inspiration for content ideas as well as provide an experience or scenario that your audience can relate to.
3. “Spit-Ball” write down things that pop into your head, any terms that you want to research, new idea’s, no matter how silly you may think they seem at the time even try running your ideas that appear through your thoughts day to day by different people, see what they have to say. These notes and test runs if you will can come in handy when writing new content.
4. Create an idea board, although this may seem, a little to arts and crafty for some , but it is an excellent way to link multiple sub-categories to a main concept, providing you with the opportunity to create more content on one specific subject, making consistently writing , some-what an easier process.
5. Most importantly, don’t sit and stare at the screen or page please, you aren’t going to write much with “writers block”. Step away from the screen or page and try step 1-4 first.
Final Note: Now although all these steps are in place, just remember not every blog will go viral. A blog is a process created for a select audience, your blog content represents this and therefore it’s easy to understand that specific content and specific audience narrows your market, bring us back to consistent writing being the key factor.  
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